Why my marketplace has already existed when try to add it?

This is a message to remind you that the marketplace you want to add has existed on AMZFinder.
Please check if you have registered another account and connected the store on AMZFinder already.

If you cannot recall anything, please inform us of the SellerID (Merchant Token) of your store, and we can help you check on it.


How to find my SellerID?

Please try the instructions below:

Method 1:

Simply go to any product page that you sell and then click your seller name. This will take you to your seller profile page.

In the URL you will see, near the end of it,  what is following seller=  will be your SellerID.

how to find seller ID


Method 2:

Log in your Amazon seller central, and go to Settings page. You will see your Merchant Token(SellerID) under Business Information.

how to find seller ID

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