What should I do if the MWS status box is crossed out?

If the MWS status box is crossed out, MWS authorization has not been identified.

In this situation, try to check whether you have removed the MWS authorization in Amazon Seller Central. There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Your authorization is expired. Check your Amazon authorization status under Amazon seller central> Settings> User Permission, and click the ”Renew” button to gain access again. Make sure to inform us of it after you finish this step.
  2. If everything is normal upon checking, click on the “Marketplaces” button in the navigation bar to remove the store information and add again.



  1. M.W

    What are the details for Developer Name and Developer Id for Authorisation on Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, and Amazon Spain?

    Because I cannot connect through Amazon. This is because the Amazon UK seller “appstore” is in beta. So how do I authorize AMZfinder manually?

    1. AMZFinder Support Team


      Thank you for your support to AMZFinder.

      Please check the below information of AMZFinder developer account, and choose the one which belongs to your Amazon marketplace:

      Our developed IDs:
      US Application’s Developer Account Number: 4888-6107-0145
      EU Application’s Developer Account Number: 2033-8777-6340
      JP Application’s Developer Account Number: 0142-1238-3030

      AMZFinder Support Team

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