How to set up email tags on email template?

There are some available tags which can display the corresponding information you want in an email template.

Here are some notices on how to use the email tags when editing your own email template. Check it out:

  • Directly click to copy the tag and paste it into your email template. Don’t make up any tags you want.
  • We only support to insert the tag {{store_name}} into your email title. Don’t put other tags into the Email Subject option.
  • For the following three tags: {{review_link:link_text}}, {{store_link:link_text}}, {{order_link:link_text}}, you will need to edit the link_text part into any words you want to display. Example: change this tag {{review_link:link_text}} to {{review_link:leave a review}}.


  1. Andrei Petrache

    the link that tag sends me in the test email is not the correct one, it is not my product. How or where can I edit these links?

    1. AMZFinder Support Team

      Thanks for your support to AMZFinder!
      When you try to send the testing email to your mailbox, it will display the default email template.
      So, it is normal that you will see different information on the testing email.

      If you want to check the email template of your real order, you can check one of the orders under Order Management, and then click to” Send Email”, which you can preview the email with real order info.
      Please don’t worry.When request emails are being sent out, they will display the correct information based on your order information.
      AMZFinder Support Team

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