How do I use the Review Management function?

In order to successfully utilize the Review Management function, check the following steps as follows:

  • Select ASINs to monitor
  • Reply to review promptly
  • Manage reviews at different star-level, and mark the processing status

Select ASINs to monitor

Click on the “Track ASINs” button in the Review Management section, and you’ll enter the “Follow ASINs” section.

Please note that you can only select ASINs or import them from Excel after they have been successfully synced.

Reply to review

You can click on the review content, and reply to them on Amazon to solve any issue

reply to customer review on Amazon


Manage reviews

Check reviews with different star-levels and mark them to keep track of the processing status. (*What is the review processing status?)

AMZFinde review management


Manage Seller Feedback

Click to response to the seller feedback from unhappy customers in a quick way

AMZFinder seller feedback monitor

Note: currently, we will only sync negative seller feedback with 1-3 star-level into the dashboard.


  1. Leon

    Will it take 24 hours to match the first time? Also want to ask, can only match the evaluation of the last 7 days? Can’t you do it before?

    1. AMZFinder Support Team


      Thanks for your support to AMZFinder!

      Usually, it needs a few hours to sync your data if you newly added your marketplace to AMZFinder.
      We can sync all of your product reviews including previous ones.

      AMZFinder Support Team

  2. Adrian D

    Why aren’t any of my buyers matching? I downloaded the client and see all of the reviews but no matter what I do it says it cannot match. Isn’t there a support phone # or something?

    1. AMZFinder Support Team

      Thanks for your support and inquiry.
      The major feature of review management is to help sellers manage all product reviews and seller feedback in one place, stay updated with the feedback of unhappy customers and reply to them in a quick way.
      Also, you can get alerts for the review situation of your listings daily, which is a great way to help improve the reputation of stores.

      Due to Amazon’s policy change, there is no software can match reviews, and AMZFinder also does not support it anymore.
      AMZFinder Support Team

  3. Parker Morris

    If a customer responds in the review comment thread after I have already marked the review as “done” will your system move it over to processing again so that I can know it needs a response?

    1. AMZFinder Support Team


      Thanks for your inquiry!

      We are regret that we don’t support this feature to change the review status when a buyer replies to your comment on Amazon.
      Thanks for the feedback and we will consider it into our future update plan.

      AMZFinder Support Team

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