How do I send invoice emails automatically? How do I set invoice rules?

1.Set up Invoice Rule

Automatically sending invoices using AMZFinder requires setting up email rules in advance. Click on Customer Email > Email Rules > + Invoice Rules to set your rules.


Marketplace: Choose a marketplace (Amazon store) to apply the rule.

Fulfillment Channel: Choose a fulfillment channel that the rule is applied to.

Send After Purchase Date: Specify when the invoice emails get sent out. Input a number, say 10, then the invoices will be sent to buyers 10 days after their orders were generated.

Exclude Orders Before: Filter out orders generated before a particular date from the invoice emailing list.

Company Name: Please fill in the correct company name.

Company Address: Please fill in the correct address.

VAT Number: Fill in this option if needed.

Status: Change the status of the rule. Your invoice email will be sent out automatically once you set the status to “Active”. Keep the status as “Disable” before you complete setting up the rule.


2. Download AMZFinder Client

After setting up your invoice rule, please download AMZFinder client and sync buyers’ info at least once a day, so we can successfully sync the completed info and send out invoices successfully.

sync buyer info on client

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