How do I use AMZFinder?

AMZFinder is an Amazon seller software with two major features: Customer Email System and Review Management.

Our Customer Email System sends review request emails and invoices automatically, helping the seller attain more positive reviews. Featuring multi-language email templates and automatic email sending rules, the system fulfills the sending task efficiently and intelligently. Every seller has access to this feature in our free plan, which enables them to send 500 emails every month.

Learn about how to use AMZFinder Customer Email System.

In addition, the Review Management feature can monitor reviews and match reviews with order IDs, which is a great way to help sellers contact unhappy customers and improve the reputation of their store.

Learn about how to use AMZFinder Review Management.


Amazon has now hidden order information with their recent update. Does your service still support matching the review with the order?

Although Amazon now hides order information, AMZFinder still functions perfectly fine. We can help you match the review with the order as long as you have sent an email to the customer of the order.

Do I need to log in to my Amazon seller account to use AMZFinder?

When using AMZFinder, you must log in to your Amazon seller account in order to synchronize the order and review information of your store.

How do I download AMZFinder client?

After logging in to AMZFinder dashboard, click “Client Download” in the fifth section of the navigation bar. After downloading and installing, open the client and log in to your AMZFinder account.

Can I always use AMZFinder web page?

If you only need the Customer Email System feature, you may always use the AMZFinder web page. However, if you also require the Review Management feature, then you will need to download the AMZFinder client and click the “sync buyer” button on the client every day to synchronize store data.

Can I use one AMZFinder account to monitor more than one Amazon account?

Yes, this is possible.

If your Amazon accounts all belong to the same group, you can use the AMZFinder client to monitor this group of Amazon accounts from the same computer.

You can download AMZFinder on different computers to monitor multiple accounts that don’t belong to the same group, however this runs the risk of having the accounts associated together, and so is not recommended.

Why do you need my MWS credentials from Amazon?

We request your MWS credentials so that we can find orders with their API.

What should I do if anti-virus software recommends that the download is not safe?

AMZFinder is 100% safe. To solve this issue, you can add AMZFinder to the trusted list of programs within your anti-virus software.

What marketplaces does AMZFinder support?

AMZFinder supports multiple marketplaces including North America (US, CA), Europe (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), Japan and India.

Does AMZFinder violate Amazon’s rules? Will Amazon ban my account?

Absolutely not. AMZFinder operates safely within Amazon’s policies and rules. Rest assured, the client is safe to use.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time and are refunds available?

Accounts are billed monthly. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and it will take effect immediately. Your account will automatically cease to renew from the next deduction date, but you can continue to use the subscription up until that date.

If you have paid for, but not experienced the Review Management function, and would like a refund, please contact our customer service staff via We will contact you within 1-3 working days to arrange a refund.

What forms of payments do you support?

Credit cards are supported.

Will I receive all software updates for free?

Of course. We will continue to develop more user-friendly functions for AMZFinder based on our users’ needs. Our users can upgrade AMZFinder for free and enjoy any new functions that are introduced at a later date.

Can I request an extension to my free trial period?

If you cannot find the answer to your query above, please contact our customer service staff via

Is the AMZFinder Feedback Request System free of charge for life, and does it have a trial period?

Yes, you are entitled to take advantage of the AMZFinder Feedback Request System free of charge each month once you have signed up for an AMZFinder account. There is no trial period for this feature and you can use it as you like.